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Foshan City BADA Daily & Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in Foshan, the well known city of the Pearl River Delta. It is one of the most perfect large manufacturer integrating production, marketing, design, developing of hotel articles and daily use articles in China. It covers 20,000 square meters of floor space and owns the domestic first rate modern garden like factory buildings of 23,000 square meters as well as cosmetic production workshop, which is not easy to find in China and made according to GMP standard. The company is provided with tooth brush packing line imported from Japan, multiple cosmetic production lines, perfumed soap production lines, sewing lines, injection machines, bottle blowing machines, printing presses, computerized brush making machine and other production and inspection equipment. Through the struggling of 30 years, the company has scored remarkable achievement. It has cooperated with dozens of domestic and international famous hotel managing groups with its customers spreading all over the world.

Looking into the future, BADA Co. will continue to blaze new trails and keep abreast of the times, follow the conception of "uality, innovation and service" and stride forward to the transnational mergence.

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Add:49th,Xinyuansanlu,Jili industrial Zone, Nanzhuang Town,
 Chancheng Region,Foshan City, Guangdong Province China
Tel:0757-85397713  E-mail:[email protected]
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